In their performances, the artists Alois Reinhardt and Frederik Werth create abstract biotopes in which the media of body, sound and space interact in a self-contained and equal interplay.
Starting from the zero point of any civilizational context, AAWKIISO thus evoke posthuman fields of perception in which man's self-understanding in his environment and his encounter with the other, the non-human, can be questioned and re-contextualized again and again. In a series of works that began with the performance after all we know it is still oscillation in the summer of 2019, AAWKIISO use the media of sound, video, and Butoh dance in an attempt to dissolve the question of an anthropocentric creation and to make it possible to experience the object of the (surrounding) world as an equal participant in the discourse in an other-worldly conversation.
Alois Reinhardt