–––––––––––––––this is a sketchbook.

some, let's call these ‚sections‘, use a bunch of features and fonts and code, not supported by older browsers. compatiblity check… failed and f***ing boring.

update your browser instead. pls use firefox, safari, edge, ios… optimized for tablets, portraitformat.

And yes… it’s buggy here and there. usability?¿ nope. ––––––––a sketchbook, as mentioned before.

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This Website Contains Explicit Content, Colours and Fonts. And a Bunch of Features that are not Supported by Some Browsers.

The Formal Stuff

––––––––––––Playground +Showcase

Something New. Something Different.

Feb 2021
  • 01The Formal Stuff Elevator Pitch
  • 02Playgrrround(gooooorgeous) –––––––––
  • 03Showcase
  • 04Moodboards –––––––––From Inspired to Share…
    Typography, Colours
  • 05Odds and Ends Contact +Imprint