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–––––––––––– An Enhanced WP-Plugin to Create an Ecommerce-Application with an incredible Bunch of Custom Fields and a Whole Lotta Love.

Not F****ing Boring and Nada to Care About. Instead of that a Customizable Magazine-Layout. ––––––––––Have a Look Here, Here and Here.

Apple Music
Bombay Bicycle Club
Every else has gone wrong
Eat, Sleep, Wake

–––––––––––– Design and Objects to Fall in Love With…

––––––––––Have a Look Here.

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Tame Impala
The Slow Rush
On Track


–––––––––––––––this is a sketchbook.

some, let's call these ‚sections‘, use a bunch of features and fonts and code, not supported by older browsers. compatiblity check… failed and f***ing boring.

update your browser instead. pls use firefox, safari, edge, ios… optimized for tablets, portraitformat.

And yes… it’s buggy here and there. usability?¿ nope. ––––––––a sketchbook, as mentioned before.

Keep on scrollin'.

please note

This Website Contains Explicit Content, Colours and Fonts. And a Bunch of Features that are not Supported by Some Browsers.

The Formal Stuff

––––––––––––Playground +Showcase

Something New. Something Different.

Feb 2021
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